And in honour of our favourite alpha, we’ve decided to offer up some gifts.

To enter:

Reblog this post and enter your URL here. Following tumblr’s rules, you have to be 18 to participate.

8 Winners will be chosen randomly at the end of September!

Up for grabs is:

1. Scott McCall Beacon Hills Hoodie from rustypolished
2. Teen Wolf Tea Sampler by daunt
3. A Joe Corroney Teen Wolf Print donated by notanotherteenwolfpodcast
4. Commissioned Artwork by hydrae/foxkings
5. Commissioned Artwork by komisaari/kommissarien
6. Teen Wolf pencil case designed by daunt, Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast buttons and stickers designed by daunt and donated by notanotherteenwolfpodcast
7. Scott McCall Defense Squad T-Shirt or Mug or Tote Bag by vulcains/knot-all-men
8. Any chosen print by vulcains/knot-all-men
In addition to this there is: 
9. A WOLFPACK ticket to The Bite Convention!! This is separate, and to enter for the ticket all you need to do is create Scott centric fanworks and tag them #scottys bday. It can be anything - art, fic, fanmixes, meta, poetry, graphics, gifs - just as long as Scott is featured. The winner will be chosen randomly at the end of September! :)

The most important idea I’ve ever had I’m not kidding


Okay hear me out, hear me out. A Spider-man AU where Scott is Spider-man (I know Stiles is the fan favorite for this, but wait for it) and AND, he doesn’t really know Stiles and meets him because Stiles is this punk graffiti artist tagging walls all around the city with Pro-Spidey propaganda to combat all the newspapers’ smear campaigns. And they meet and Scott probably has to save him a lot because he’s mouthy n’ shit, and they fall in love. Basically punk AU meets Spidey AU with the Sheriff as the Captain who sometimes has to arrest his delinquent son but loves him anyway and maybe Scott’s spider-man costume is less spandex and more like this or y’know, something similar that actually looks like a teenager would make.

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