Do you like smut and fun?  

Are you going to DragonCon? 

Then do I have the panel for you. This panel is an opportunity to celebrate the fun, fantasy, and freedom that fanfiction allows us! 

'I'll be in my bunk' -> DragonCon's own dirty fanfiction panel

FRIDAY, AUGUST 29 @ 11:30PM Room to be announced soon.

18+ ONLY

- Fandom Feud - Fanfiction Madlibs - Bullshit I wasted so much time and money on oh please oh please come

- Slash Sheriff? Fan artists? 

- Nonsense


- Please bring you happy face. Let’s strive to be a positive panel! 

This should be fun! <3


And more info for the new followers.

My comic, The Pride, is about a team of LGBTQ superheroes from all over the world, all walks of life, increasing diversity and representation in the comics. 

It’s been getting a lot of positive attention, especially of late, with great reviews, supportive comments, reader feedback, fan art and more.

Here’s some of the reviews:

Bleeding Cool reviews The Pride #1 / #2 / #3

Neil Ramsden reviews The Pride #1 / #2 / The Pride Adventures #1

 Further to that, we’ve had fantastic support from incredible pros of the comics industry, including kristaferanka (who’s also done covers and art for the book), Olivier Coipel, and gailsimone.

"I highly recommend this smart, charming, wonderful book to anyone who likes good comics. It’s absolutely a pleasure to read and a clear labor of love." - Gail Simone (Batgirl, Secret Six, Red Sonja, Tomb Raider)

Issue one, recently sold out in print after an incredible showing at London Film & Comic Con 2014, was also recently, very briefly, the #25 Top Seller on Comixology US! 

The comics are still going with many more issues to come, but we need your help to keep going, as we need your readership, sharing and spreading the word and buying the comics and prints, especially via our own store, helps me raise the money to keep the book going.

So, if comics and/or LGBTQ are your thing, please check out The Pride!

Available at The Pride Store!

Available on Comixology!

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