Hey guys, finally made a tutorial. :D Also on the deviantART: [ x ]

This is simply me sharing some of my thoughts when going through a painting. My views and opinions are constantly evolving, so nothing I say here is really concrete. This is just a current update on some of my thoughts and approaches to digital painting. Hope you enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated so I can make a better tutorial. If there’s something specific you see in my work you’d like to see explained, let me know too.

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Teen Wolf meets The Powerpuff Girls.

I have no idea what prompted this

To give credit where credit is due: Lydia’s belt is Alexander McQueen, her shoes and skirt are Zara, Erica’s jacket and Allison’s leggings are BCBG, and Erica’s shoes are Balenciaga.

As another note on fashion, no one over the age of five should ever wear white tights.

i adore how the flowers are in the background



"It’s not like you were complaining when that angry fireman threw you over his shoulder!"


Trying out some new brushes and felt like drawing treed Stiles.

the best is that i was tagged in this


treed!stiles, fireman!derek and concerned!scott

this is all i ever wanted and more

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