Harvest Moonalmond oolongpumpkin spicetiger eye with cocoa nib accents!

Guys I can’t even explain how delicious this blend is. It’s so good. I’ve had 3 cups today so far.  The sad part is the Pumpkin Spice tea is limited to this season. :(

Anyways, this is another part of the Tea Wolf blends!  This is the ‘Full Moon’ series for wolves, werewolves and packs alike. Get your tea on at the full moon!  ;)  


RE: GIVEAWAY - Sadly this tea is not included in the giveaway! 

If you do try it let me know what you think? :)  Or leave a review on Adagio’s site to get extra cup points!

You can see my other tea blends here at my Tea Wolf Tea Blends Master Post!

edit: My awful spelling error has been fixed! Huge thanks to my eagle eyed followers!