My SCP Foundation/Teen Wolf Crossover comic….

Oh god okay so.  Everyone knows I’m obsessed with TW right? Okay so

I’m working on this idea where Peter gets caught by the SCP Foundation (undead werewolf, holy crap) and Peter, knowing he can’t escape by himself, outs Derek (Born werewolf), Scott (bitten werewolf), Stiles (in this AU Stiles is -magic-) and Lydia (immune).  Basically I wanted to do a comic of them doing video interviews with the SCP doctors/scientists.  

I have SO MANY IDEAS.  Like…Normally they only refer to things in containment by their number designation but Scott doesn’t respond well to that so they call him ‘Mr. McCall’ whereas Stiles is sarcastically hostile either way so they use his number, not his name. ANYWAYS, this especially sucks for Lydia (they like to test her immunity by exposing her to other SCP) and Derek (who refuses to reveal anything so…extra testing.)

ANYWAYS.  I will keep working on this and my other TW comic.  Hopefully I will finish eventually. :D

To learn more about the SCP Foundation, go to the wiki!  Beware, it’s creepy and has creepy photos and stories…