Guys help me, I need motivation to do this ‘sketch a day’ thing…

Like part of me thinks I can’t do it. But the other part of me wants to give it a shot.  I’ll post one every day, it may be awful but I will post it.  



  1. the-baker-st-club answered: just post what you love most!
  2. clockworkclown91 answered: you can do it! *hands you a bag of motivation* use it wisely
  3. vorpalsward answered: go, go go! (bootcamp encouragement?)
  4. fragilehuge said: Doeeet
  5. grantairesunderwear said: You should go for it! You are awesome!!
  6. lucyinthesoupwithcroutons answered: You make tea blends, tea is magic, therefore you are magic and can do this. It is science. Don’t argue with science.
  7. monstacookies answered: De-lurking to say HI HELLO YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOU MAKE SUCH PRETTY ARTSES SO GO YOU GOOD THING, YOU CAN DOO EEET Gonna turn off caps now heh
  8. nanoochka answered: *puts on pompoms* YOU’RE THE MOTHERFUCKING BEST! No, seriously, your art is the desktop backgrounds on both my computers. Do it!
  9. hannahbal-bananabal said: DEAR GOD DO EET. Seriously though, your art is so amazing and sketching each day can only make it better!! =D
  10. elejenntary answered: I believe you can fly~ I believe you can draw the sky! I just believe in you in general :) good luck!
  11. reewa answered: IF YOU DO IT, I’LL DO IT. <3
  12. boingobeat answered: You can totally do it! <3
  13. enjouji answered: I’m doing it right now and have been keeping up with it everyday. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! Give yourself a challenge and just have fun!
  14. older-and-far-away said: You are awesome and everything you make is lovely and I always just want to see stuff you do even if it’s just a picture of butts. Or especially if it is even.
  15. bibliomancer7 answered: Popm-pom crab is rooting for you!
  16. bibliomancer7 replied:
  17. purinshavedice answered: do it. the world needs more awesome.
  18. silaana said: Do eeetttt it’ll be awesome
  19. alexdowski answered: asdfghjkl; You’re awesome. If you want to do it, then do it.
  20. attoliancrown answered: I CAN BE A CHEERLEADER rah rah rah rah rah rah /sogoodatit
  21. jentnova said: I can guarantee you that any Derek/Stiles you sketch will get a ficlet from me. :)
  22. jadedginger said: You can kickass at this. Doesn’t even have to be overly complicated you just have to ENJOY doing it. Heck draw something you see out the window. Pretty sure I speak for the majority when I say, we’ll all stick with you no matter what you draw.
  23. upallnightogetloki answered: YOU GOT THIS! DO THE DAMN THANG!
  24. toflirtwithlife said: In any case, you’ll feel great about having accomplished something when you’re done, and your style and skill will only improve! :)
  25. toflirtwithlife answered: Are these prompted sketches, or just whatever you fancy? What helps me is a series of prompts to get started so I don’t feel stuck.
  26. seanchaidh101 answered: RAH RAH RAH! I have simple suggestions: Bones :)
  27. assassinregrets answered: you should draw stiles catching derek admiring his own butt in the mirror. because of reasons.
  28. nicoletheslyfox answered: Your stiles/derek work is epic. For you, it wouldn’t be hard to do a sketch a day. Why do you doubt it? ;-)
  29. yourchoverlord answered: How about you think of ideas before? like make a list! And also think of incentives! It’ll be challenging, but I’m sure it’ll help you!! gl!
  30. startrekrenegades answered: Do it! Do it! Daunt I think that would be great, and I am always so excited to see what you draw!! <3 I love ALL of your art!
  31. procrastinationcelebration answered: YOU’RE AWESOME YOU CAN AND SHOULD DO IT
  32. choptail answered: You make beautiful things and there should be more of them. =) good luck, sketch hard.
  33. timtamburch said: You can do it!! I have faith in you! Kick some art block ass!!
  34. invisiblekeyboard said: Oooh do it with friends, you can encourage each other!
  35. ammosart answered: It’s not easy, but once you’ve got a good streak going it feels pretty awesome :) You can definitely do it!
  36. stairswemeetagain answered: I BELIEVE IN YOU, YOUR STUFF IS FANTASTIC. Also it’d be really neat to be able to compare 30 days of gradual progress!