They’re hosting both a Writer’s Workshop and an Artist’s Workshop this year at BiteCon 2015 with tickets available at their IndyGoGo site!

Kreugan and I will be doing a panel on drawing and capturing likenesses along with the ever awesome Pixie!

Kreugan’s work is amazing, she had done an exceptional job capturing likenesses and has done tutorials about it in the past. I really think you’re in for a treat!  I’m very humbled to be included along side these two!

Our itinerary is very open right now but if you sign up, TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO DO and we will totally mold the panel to what you want. You can email me here if you are going and want to ask for specific topics:

We will have paper, pencils, pens, even copics available and we can work digitally, too!  Again, let us know what you want and we’ll get it going! 

PS: I am definitely going to be bringing fun stuff for all the participants can take home with them and probably have a little raffle of cool things. ;) 

You can sign up for this workshop here and it’s only $30!