Ahh, can I babble at you for a minute re: the post you just made about Derek being the king on the chess board. Because it actually ties into one of the reasons I adore him as a character so much. In a typical genre show with a Chosen One element to its narrative, the character who gets displaced by the Chosen One is usually undone by the displacement. They're poisoned by the denial of what they perceive as their destiny. It's Esau hating Jacob. It's Lex Luthor's toxic jealousy - (1/2)



of Superman displacing him as Metropolis’ favorite son. In a non-genre context, it’s Iago being passed over for Othello and, as a result, setting in motion a chain of events that leads to death and destruction. With Derek, Teen Wolf has *turned that on its head*. In any other version of the story, his failures as an Alpha and Scott’s rise to position of true Alpha would’ve turned to poison in his veins. It would’ve made him Peter or Lex or Iago. But because Derek has Scott and because having Scott is way more important to him than beating Scott, Derek’s actually grown as a person. Learning to be an advisor to Scott, accepting that maybe he was never supposed to be an Alpha, all of that actually made him *better*, instead of destroying him, the way it would in almost any other version of this story where a character had a trajectory like his. They’ve subverted the trope with Derek, and done it in a way that I love. like. CAKE.

yes yes yes i love how they avoided going the typical route with it, and tbh i think that’s because it’s not a traditional “chosen one” trope. i think scott being a true alpha was something he had to choose rather than something he was chosen for. i mean, he didn’t know it at the time, of course…but when he stopped resenting his lycanthropy and started working to be better at it, that’s when he took his first steps toward becoming a true alpha, like that’s how those powers manifested for him. and i think part of the reason derek was able to be mature and accept it is because he recognizes that scott has traits and qualities he lacks, and that scott being a true alpha isn’t like some prophecy being fulfilled, it’s not his destiny written in the stars or anything, it’s just scott being certain things derek is never going to be. and i love seeing derek become more like scott, not in an effort to dethrone him or whatever, but just because he admires him in a way. and i love seeing scott learning from derek and admiring him too. MUTUAL ADMIRATION. WOLF BROTHERS.

Derek and Parrish could be the same age. Maybe they went to school together. Maybe they are ex-boyfriends.





What if Parrish sees Derek at the station in that cell? I imagine their convo to go like this (after Derek stares at him for like a full minute, his eyebrows doing a lot of weird things which means Derek has a lot of conflicting emotions):



Some more staring and Parrish kinda smiles, not much, just a little twitch.

"I always knew you were trouble."

And Derek’s eyebrows go up, up, up.

"I can’t believe you just quoted Taylor Swift at me."

And Parrish’s eyebrows match Derek’s.

"I can’t believe you know who Taylor Swift is."

(There are a lot of things Parrish doesn’t know about Derek. But hey, the guy knows his dick’s size, so Derek just shrugs.)

(the gif at the end omg.)