Artist’s Spotlight: Daunt draws amazing ‘Teen Wolf’ art and more

Oh gosh, SO, the ever wonderful Karen Rough wanted to interview me for their new Artist’s Spotlight feature!  I think I sound kind of ridiculous in the interview so please forgive me ahaha~ Writing, especially about myself, is not my strong suit.

But thank you so much Karen and Hypable for the interview and feature, I’m incredibly flattered and humbled!  :’))) 

I will be in the Youmacon Artist Alley this weekend!

Come by and say hi! :D I’ll have all my usual prints and bookmarks, badges and buttons. Also I only have a very few pencil cases and charms left, they will be at this con.  Swing by early if you want one!

I am also bringing some tea with me. Most of the ones I am bringing are perfect for fall.  I brought a couple unpublished teas too.  I didn’t bring many though, so again, please come by early to make sure you snag the ones you want. :)



My giant Teen Wolf image of doom. Featuring: air, water, earth, fire… wolves, red hoodies, tattoos, the Hale house fire, Derek + arrows, and wolfsbane.

Prints are available here on my website.

I referenced a ton of photos for this mostly for the wolves, the arrows, the Hale house, the wolfsbane, and a screencap for Derek’s back. The wolf at the top is referenced from this photo. You can see a rough version of the bottom of this image over here that I made for the Season 3 Teen Wolf contest on DA.

[My Website]

Have you guys seen these, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!