Move You by LadyBubblegum
The McCall pack is invited to a werewolf party and that goes about as well as you’d think.

This is my second post for the Sciles Reverse Bang and it is SO LATE but I did finally finish it. The story is wonderful and I can’t thank Lydia & LadyBubblegum enough for their incredible patience.
If you want to see my previous Sciles RB from about a month ago here it is! (My art was claimed twice so if the primary image looks familiar thats why. :D)

dear carrie, can i please have spiderman!stiles/mary-jane!scott with the upside down kiss in the rain?



"How did— how did you know where I live?" Scott asks, still breathless from their flight through town, zipping through buildings at a breakneck speed. They are hardly even wet, they had gone so fast it was like the rain didn’t have time to hit them.

Spiderman sets him down on his front porch, and Scott thinks the guy is smiling, but it’s hard to tell with the mask. 

"Everyone knows where you live, Scott," Spiderman says, climbing up to the porch roof.

"Wait— you know who I am?" Scott asks. 

Spiderman dangles from the top of the roof, arms flailing a bit, and Scott is suddenly struck with a similar memory, one where it’s his best friend instead upside down on his porch roof.

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Skittles 50 first dates AU: After finishing college, following the advice of his mother, Scott decides to move to her home town, Beacon Hills. He rents a nice flat, gets a job at the local vet clinic, makes a few friends. And then he meets Stiles Stilinski. Perfect, amazing, funny and smart Stiles, man of his dreams. And then he discovers Stiles has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day. Well, that’s not going to stop Scott.

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