I notice how so many folk are bringing up Stiles’ concern for his dad’s health and waxing poetic about how no child should carry that burden…

But have fuck all to say about the fact that Scott has been holding down a job for the entirety of the show so that he can help pay the bills and to keep his mom from working herself to death.

Let me tell you. When you grow up watching your single parent bust ass to keep a roof over your head? You get mad. Because your young ass can’t do anything. You want to help out. You don’t want to be a burden. But you’re a kid. So you can only sit there and do things like make your own breakfast. Learn to do laundry. Look over your own homework. Get your school gear ready each night. But it never feels like you’re doing enough. Because your parent is still coming home in a zombie like trance. They’re still tugging their hair when they look over bills. So you make sure you’ll never be the cause of that frustration: you don’t tell them about the kids that pick on you because you don’t have the newest swag. You hide cuts and bruises from falling. You don’t bring up the times there wasn’t enough food, so you skipped a meal (or two). Because its no big deal, right? I mean. At least you have a home. A bit of hunger pain is nothing.

And that’s your life. You pretend its OK. You make sacrifices no kid should have to make. But never let it be said that you were dead weight.

Scott and Stiles didn’t have the best upbringings. Both of them lost their childhoods. Scott hid himself from his mother to ease her worries. Stiles transferred his fear onto his father. Both took up responsibilities way above their weight class.

Just because one tragedy is easier to understand does not make the other one lesser for it. That argument is bullshit and needs to stop.

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where you been, cain?
where you been?
where’s your brother?

HI LONG TIME NO ART??? i’ve been alternating between doing art for BBP or being super artblocked, and i’m only just getting through it fjhkjdsfds and my laptop kinda crashed and burned, so this is the first thing i’ve finished on my new computer \o/

i’ve been enjoying season 4 of teen wolf a whole lot and i wanted to get something done in time for the finale. the song that plays over the final scene of 4x11 is “cain” by cousin marnie and it really made me want to draw scott & stiles



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