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Alpha BiteCon Badge!
I’ve been so excited to post this for a month now! 

The amazing ladies of BiteCon contacted me about drawing the convention’s Alpha level badges for them and It was such a pleasure to work on this for them!

I have prints available this weekend at the con and when I get back I’ll also have it available on my society 6 account. I really hope everyone likes it, I’m really thrilled with the outcome. :D

9! :D



9. a passage from a WIP

this is teen wolf, derek/scott/stiles, from the 16k+ monstrosity I’m writing for daunt and spacemarried. there is a lot of relationship negotiation and several awkward dates:

On Saturday night, Derek answers the door in an apron.

“The pasta is boiling over,” he says, a wooden spoon clutched in his hand. “Close the door behind you.”

“Looking fly, Derek,” calls Stiles, pulling the door shut as Derek sprints back to the kitchen.

“Shut up, Stiles,” retorts Derek.

“I brought a pie,” says Scott, following Derek into the kitchen (which, considering the obvious lack of walls, is just the area of Derek’s loft loosely-defined by the presence of a big stainless steel fridge, a matching electrolux stove, the sink, and some counter space). “It’s blueberry. Where do you want it?”

“You can put it on the counter,” says Derek, frowning as he stirs the pot of pasta. The expression on his face is adorably focused. “Thanks. You didn’t have to.”

“What are you making?” asks Scott.

“Spaghetti and meatballs,” says Derek, turning the heat down on the stove. “I didn’t—I wasn’t sure.”

“That sounds great,” replies Scott, grinning.

“If you were wondering, I didn’t bring anything but my sparkling personality,” offers Stiles cheerfully, pulling out a chair from the dining room table Derek rescued from the side of the road and settling himself in it backwards. “Because I am just a goddamn delight.”

“If that’s the case then I guess it’s a good thing you’re so cute,” says Derek dryly.

“Did you just—” Stiles splutters at Derek, his cheeks flushing red. “Okay, no, you did not just—I mean—dude.”

“Here,” says Derek, scooping a strand of spaghetti out of the pot and dangling it at Stiles. “Tell me if it’s done.”

I’m done,” mutters Stiles, plucking up the lone spaghetti and chewing thoughtfully, “but the pasta needs like two more minutes.”

YOU GUYS, this fic is so cute and hot and amazing and Scott POV which is SO GREAT, I am so excited about this fic. *u*


Commission for imaginesciles, who asked me for the most domestic of skittles feels I’ve ever felt. Thanks to those who joined me on the countless livestreams I had while making this. :D

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