I have this headcanon that the sheriff has had scott and stiles in the interrogation room many times. 

And a very vivid image of the sheriff pulling up to the station and getting out of the squad car. And by the look on his face passersby think he has some hardened criminals in the back, bank robbers, or murderers, or sociopathic dog nappers. 

And he opens the door and out tumbles a seven year old stiles, arms crossed not quite right over his chest, and looking very put out and then a contrite Scott after him, staring at the ground, floppy hair covering his eyes.

And he marches them into the station and makes them sit in the drunk tank until melissa comes to collect Scott. Probably puts them in interrogation at some point, and scott nervously fiddles with the empty bag of chips from the vending machine in the hall.

And the sheriff walks in and Stiles stands up and points and shouts “YOU’LL NEVER BREAK ME!” And Scott sucking in a deep breath from his inhaler and wailing “I broke the window!” And sighing in relief. 

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That fan Posey gave the award to is a super fan who shows up at all his & TW’s panels and asks questions and compliments the cast.

Posey did exactly what all the other actors did and gave the award to a fan in the audience, only he gave it to a fan he recognized and KNEW was a huge fan of the show and the cast. It wasn’t his to keep, he gave it back to the fans like all the actors did.

Please relax with the vilification of Posey? :(




Teen Wolf meets The Powerpuff Girls.

I have no idea what prompted this

To give credit where credit is due: Lydia’s belt is Alexander McQueen, her shoes and skirt are Zara, Erica’s jacket and Allison’s leggings are BCBG, and Erica’s shoes are Balenciaga.

As another note on fashion, no one over the age of five should ever wear white tights.

i adore how the flowers are in the background



"It’s not like you were complaining when that angry fireman threw you over his shoulder!"


Trying out some new brushes and felt like drawing treed Stiles.

the best is that i was tagged in this


treed!stiles, fireman!derek and concerned!scott

this is all i ever wanted and more

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