Fic: “It’s bad enough we get along”

“Why won’t you stop pushing?” Chris demands, chest almost flush with his.

“A fatal flaw in my character,” Peter forces out, reveling in the harsh pull of breath past Chris’ grip.

Nat wrote the most amazing Peter Hale centric fic. Like, seriously, just run before you walk and go read it now. It’s so wonderful it hurts, and also features the epic angsty hotness of Peter/Chris.
So we ended up doing a art+fic together because of reasons.
I hope you like it <3

(as usual, reblog is love, but please please don’t repost art in a new post/use without asking me. <3)

Dude I love this so much, damn you got their faces just right. *u*  Love the atmosphere too, ahh~

Teen Wolf fandom, I challenge thee :)


I want to celebrate the freedom to ship all the things, and also challenge the habits, because even if it’s awesome to ship everything, sometimes the fandom does not have a lot of it in art or fic presence (see, my recent post about Derek/Boyd on AO3, which has a grand total of 5 FICS. HOW.) and we get used to not see arts or fics for rare pairings, at all. And consequently we don’t really add to it either. Or maybe some don’t even dare to go there, because the more common pairings are intimidating :D

So, because I’m completely insane, Imma start something.
We have a long hiatus in front of us, and I quite fancy being creative about it.

I “dare you” (nicely!) to write/art unusual or rare pairings in the fandom, to really explore different interactions between characters, think about the how and why they would get together, etc etc, or to write anything you like, and challenge the habit :D Examples:

And OT3 and OT4 and slash, and femslash, and all the stuff :D

One might argue and say “but what are the rare pairings in this fandom”, and as a fair point, I’d say… the ones that have very little fics on their AO3 tag, ah?
Stiles/Danny has about 100 fics there but it’s still quite rare, for example.

And I will make some rare pairings arts too, hell, maybe I’ll do it to illustrate some fics too :D

Basically, just a fun way to pass time and also think out of the box that we sometimes fall back to. And maybe it will inspire people to write/art the pairing they were thinking about but were a bit worried about sharing with the rest of the world? There is no limit in time, no registration of sort, but if on top of your usual tags you add something that point to this, it’s easier for everyone to track it on tumblr too :D

So for this, here is a funny Tumblr Tag for you: The Teen Wolf Unusuals

I will track this baby once in a while and try to rec stuff when I can :D

Go wild! Like the wolf!
Oh dear, why do I even try with jokes.

This is just meant as a “the more the merrier” idea to create things, no pressure, no obligation, no judgement, just fannish glee :D <3