Aiden and Ethan aided in killing Boyd and Scott still treats them better than he ever did Derek


really pisses me off

Because Scott grew the fuck up.

oh yeah I forgot that with age also comes the capability of pushing cold blooded murder under the rug so that instead friends can be made

as the old proverb goes, with age comes the ability to make friends with murders but still be crap at being nice to actual helpful non-murders 

I’m confused about how ‘I don’t want you in my pack, I don’t trust you, I don’t want to be around you’ …is the same as being friends? How has he even tried to be friends with them?

Meanwhile last season when Scott thinks Derek is dead and can’t even heal himself because he feels so upset and guilty?  Derek is the one he texts when he needed help this season long before the twins showed up.

I would ask where all the Scott-rage is coming from but it’s a trend at this point in fandom and it’s upsetting to see.

it’s really not a reflection on scott. i am just angry over the terrible writing of everyone

this isn’t scott hate

it’s more that there is a lot of twin apologists that are telling boyd fans to just let it go. like

that is my main problem wit how the writers have written scott and derek’s relationship vis a vis scott and the twins. i am just 100% done with the teen wolf writing staff and how they are trying to keep the twins by reframing everything to suit jeff davis - i mean jeff davis pratically self inserted himself in teen wolf with the twins. he’s really happy that the twins are there because he’s a twin and he loves the twins. like he originally was going to kill them off and said that he really liked them so he wrote them to survive and it seems like every twin interaction with scott is to reframe them as non-evil and it’s just really forced. it has nothing to do with scott

i have no ambient rage towards scott to be honest. i love scott. i am just so frustrated with the apologists telling everyone to be like so what boyd is dead. just let it go. and i am like, no, shut up. boyd’s death was pointless

it made zero sense 

I absolutely 100% agree with you there, I am so full of fury about reducing Boyd to a ‘plot device’

I did feel WAVES OF RELIEF when all of the teens where like ‘NOPE tHAT WAS FUCKED UP’.  I was so braced for them to act like it was no big thing so thank goodness for that. My only hope is that they don’t go for full redemption arc. >:(  I get the feeling they are trying though…

But I still standby what I said before about the OP’s post and the Scott hate, I am so not down with that. D: 

Edit: I mean just to clarify the OP was absolutely not talking about Boyd or his treatment by the narrative, they were upset about how Scott treated Derek. I just…that’s a different subject I think?

Edit 2: I was wrong about the OP’s intentions behind the post.  Feel free to go check their blog or the reblogs for their thoughts. 

I still feel like people use the writer fuck ups to hate on characters WAY too much but I definitely misunderstood in this instance and this is not the case at all.