less fic with the argents as cookie cutter villains. less fic with kate being pigeonholed as “psychotic” and nothing else.

  • more meta/fic about why kate and chris are the way they are now
  • about how chris, according to jr, took after their mom and how both chris and kate probably lost their mother while they were young
  • about how gerard sent his teenage son to dangerous weapons deals alone and deliberately didn’t give him any information
  • about how gerard was probably only supposed to be the leader of their family until kate came of age
  • about how he was probably so unwilling to eventually let go of that power, he systematically manipulated and abused his children until neither of them were willing to question it when kate was still following gerard’s orders
  • about how kate probably took after gerard because he focused his attention on keeping her under his thumb, since she was the only real threat to his power
  • about how her decisions were probably made by gerard, and she was convinced that they were her own
  • about kate telling chris “I did what I was told to do” while she pointed a gun at scott’s head
  • about gerard saying to allison that kate challenged him too
  • about how kate was only 22 years old when she burned down the hale house, even younger than derek is now
  • about how gerard probably hated that kate left any survivors at all and didn’t clean up her loose ends, including the only boy who knew it was her
  • more fic where kate and the argents are written with more nuance than black & white villains, instead of doing the same exact things that we often accuse the teen wolf writers of doing.

I want all of this forever. Forever wanting more Argent family fic and meta.


#i just… i’m really turned on by the first gif

So was Stiles, I bet.

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Fic: “It’s bad enough we get along”

“Why won’t you stop pushing?” Chris demands, chest almost flush with his.

“A fatal flaw in my character,” Peter forces out, reveling in the harsh pull of breath past Chris’ grip.

Nat wrote the most amazing Peter Hale centric fic. Like, seriously, just run before you walk and go read it now. It’s so wonderful it hurts, and also features the epic angsty hotness of Peter/Chris.
So we ended up doing a art+fic together because of reasons.
I hope you like it <3

(as usual, reblog is love, but please please don’t repost art in a new post/use without asking me. <3)

Dude I love this so much, damn you got their faces just right. *u*  Love the atmosphere too, ahh~

Longer Chris/Stiles fic, sent to me by Anon #1


Chris felt teeth sinking into his hand. He lamented their loss when his low rumble of a noise shocked the boy into letting his jaw un-lock. Stiles jerked, but only managed to wedge himself closer into Chris’ hold. 

“D-dude… that was not a pain sound.” 

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a mind full of wicked designs


Title: A Mind Full of Wicked Designs
Author: arizonagarbage
Rating: PG-13 to R? Ish?
Pairing: Chris/Stiles
Warnings: Bad writing? Underage? No actual sexing.
Word Count: ~260
Summary: It didn’t take Chris long to get over Victoria when he started fixating on someone else.
Notes: Title comes from Poe’s “Hey Pretty”. I blame Daunt. Completely.

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kljLAJlsdkjlaf THANK YOU! ;~; ty ty ty

Guys you don’t understand how awesome Arizona is.


Chris felt teeth sinking into his hand. He lamented their loss when his low rumble of a noise shocked the boy into letting his jaw un-lock. Stiles jerked, but only managed to wedge himself closer into Chris' hold. "d-dude... that was not a pain sound." "Are you sure?" He murmured, lips brushing Stiles' ear. Chris watched the hair on the back of Stiles' neck rise and felt a smirk snaking across his mouth. "What the f-" (1/2)








“Derek said snakes can’t be poisoned by their own venom.”

“Derek said that you take the form of what you are.”

Yeah well Derek also said that the Vet was the Alpha and that Lydia was the Kanima so…

derek literally does not know anything except how to moonwalk into the shadows when shit gets weird

Chris Argent probably knows more about being an Alpha than Derek does. 

I can see it: One day Chris can’t take it anymore, and he’s just like, “sit down. We need to have a talk. Take off your coat, you’re going to be here for a while.”

And then five minutes later Allison walks in just in time to keep them from killing each other. Chris is clutching a giant knife and looking homicidal while Derek shouts a lot about not needing anyone’s help and what is this anyway, bullshit hunter obedience training for werewolves?

“Good talk,” Derek says sarcastically, slowly walking backward into the night. 

So Chris just gives up completely, and decides that from then on, he’s going to view Derek’s half-assed Alpha antics as a comedy, to make it all easier to deal with. Werewolf sitcom. 

This instantly makes his life better. He doesn’t know why he didn’t think of it before. 


NGL, this may be my favorite Teen Wolf post of all time.

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Because Chris Argent has dedicated his entire life to stopping monsters. If that is his sister. Or his father. Or his daughter. He will do it. He will hate it, and he will hate himself, but he will not hesitate. Chris Argent understands that werewolves aren’t the only monsters out there. He will do the job and go home and call himself a murderer in the mirror and sleep at night because tomorrow is another day that he needs to be strong enough to face. 

One day,  I think maybe Chris Argent and Sheriff Stilinski are going to have an interesting conversation about what it’s like to wonder if your only child has become something terrible. 

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