The best “breaking the 4th wall” story you’ll read to start the year.


Last week, something quite amazing happened.
If you follow Duncan Jones on twitter, you might have somehow read it, but if you don’t, here is an epic recap.

Duncan Jones, director of “Moon” (and also “Source Code”, and also son of David Bowie) as was about to start live-tweeting about his own film when it was going to be shown on the BBc2 (30 dec).
And somehow, someone pointed him toward a “Moon” fic on AO3, “Helping you is what I do” by Wildgoosery, and he tweeted a link to and saying it was a “gem”.

It doesn’t stop here.

Jones went on AO3 again and posted a comment.

To tune into the tone of Moon this well denotes a rare sensitivity & empathy. You’ve done an extraordinary job. It made my heart ache. Poor Sam. Poor Gerty. Poor Sam… And Sam… And Sam. Thank you so much for helping Moon to live on beyond our small film. I hope I can widen this universe for you in future films, if for no other reason but to see what you will do with it. A fan of your speculations, Duncan Jones. Writer/director Moon.

To which a stunned Wildgoosery - after confirmation that this wasn’t a hoax - replied

I’m just going to sit here for a while being utterly stunned!


Well, this is last thing I ever expected to find in the comments of my little story! I would be skeptical of its origins, except a poke through twitter reveals that you were pointed this direction yesterday!

I have no idea what to say, other than “Thank you!” Moon had a tremendous impact on me — I saw it twice in the theater, and have the DVD on hand for when I want my faith in modern science fiction filmmaking restored — and in writing this story, I came to even further appreciate the thought and care and craftsmanship that went into what you created. Hard SF movies are a rare thing these days, and quality ones are practically non-existent. After Moon and Source Code, I look forward to seeing what you do moving forward.


This literally made my fuckin day. Such a brilliant example of how the breaking of the 4th wall can be an good emotional ride for both sides and show that being a fan of something is such a great thing to do/be.

Slow clap, Mr Jones.

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