Summer Days Drifting Away (Society6)

This started out as a simple sketch in stream and I decided to finish it.  Hope you like it!  Many thanks to my livestreamers who cheered me on and gave me suggestions when I got stuck. :’)  AND thank you to Rosewindow for the title! <3

She also suggested that maybe Stiles’s T-shirt had accidentally been washed with Scott’s red hoodie. ;)  Totally adorable!

Possessed and Possession (Society6)

I was pretty emotional this week and drew a lot. This episode gave me the push to finish this.  I can’t stop thinking about Scott doing anything to protect Stiles and the Nogitsune using that to his advantage. 

"You really have to learn not to trust a fox."

Epic thanks to my livestream friends who kept me company and gave me great advice, thanks guys! <3

"what will you do, little wolf?"

That episode though, right?  I keep feeling like Scott would never hurt Stiles and that is going to go very badly.

Also Rosewindow wrote a little thing here.  *hearts*