I am really tired of people calling Scott a ‘dumb teenager’.


"I felt so dumb." Scott had curled up on the living room couch with his Sad Times Blanket the minute he got home and was still there, head poking out the top and legs dangling out the bottom.

"You’re not dumb!" Allison had been on the couch when he flopped down there despondently and her feet, still trapped under his thigh, wiggled in distress. "Kira!"

"Scott, you’re totally not dumb." Kira was on the floor by his feet because there was no room for her left on the couch, but she was eying Allison’s lap hopefully.

"Conceptualizing intelligence as a fixed and comparable value and conflating it with existential worth is a social project rooted in eugenics and colonialism!" Lydia yelled from the other room. Scott appreciated that input, though he assumed they were all just going to pretend they didn’t remember that this was a very changed tune from her views a couple years ago.

"Yeah well I stared at that piece of paper and I’ve never felt dumber in my life. I can help negotiate a soul back from limbo," Allison smiled and squeezed his hand through the blankets, reassuringly solid again at last, "but I can’t tell you what the word ‘legitimate’ most closely means in the passage."

"The point of the SAT is to make you feel bad about yourself, because it’s terrible," Allison pointed out.

"My score is going to suck, though. It’s going to suck and the admissions people are going to look at it and be like ‘well his score sucks and his grades sophomore year suck, this kid is dumb.’ And then I won’t get into college, and you guys will, and I’ll be left here in Beacon Hills alone and pathetic until I turn into Derek."

"Don’t be mean to Derek because you’re freaking out." Kira’s broship with Derek didn’t allow jokes at his expense (Scott figured that was probably good, really). She climbed into Allison’s lap the way she’d been clearly wanting to for the past five minutes, and rested her head back against Scott’s shoulder. "You’re gonna be fine. Your essay was great."

"It was!" Lydia yelled from the other room.

"You haven’t ever been dumb, not even when you were super new at everything and kept trying to frame Derek for murder," Allison told him. "You just do your best, right? And your best is great."

Scott finally felt reassured enough to poke his hand out from under the blanket and tangle their fingers together. He turned his head a little so his lips could rest on Kira’s head and he could breathe in their three combined scents, soothingly.

"Anyways, you can always take the test again. I’m a big fan of second chances," Allison added, grinning, and that finally got Scott to laugh.




You guys do realize that when Anna and Kristoff get married, Sven is going to be the Best Man at the wedding. He’s going to have to give a toast. Kristoff is basically going to talk about himself in his Sven voice for 45 minutes.


"…and never in my life have I met a lad more pure of hart.”

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