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I don’t care one way or another, love them both as OTP and BrOTP, but I honestly thought that Skittles was BrOTP and Sciles was OTP, that’s what I’ve been told when I joined the fandom.

I mean, it’s cool if the person you were speaking to decided to use that meaning for themselves! But that’s not what most of the fans of Scott/Stiles use it for.  I’ve never seen it used for anything but romantic ship stuff and I’ve been shipping them for two years now. 

So, yeah!  I think whoever told you that may have gotten a wrong impression some where….?

Hope this clarifies a bit for you. :)

Just to clarify, ‘Skittles’ is a term that shippers use for the Scott and Stiles….as a romantic SHIP. 

You can absolutely use it to mean non-romantic friendship if you want to but please do not come to Sciles/Skittles shippers and tell them they are not allowed to use it for ‘more than friends’ stuff. 

It has been used as a romantic Sciles name for a very long time now. You do not get to tell people what they are allowed to use it for.  (Like I’ve seen people getting yelled at for sullying the ‘skittles’ tag with ROMANTIC sciles posts, and y’all need to stop that is not cool.)

Okay? Okay. 


Commission for imaginesciles, who asked me for the most domestic of skittles feels I’ve ever felt. Thanks to those who joined me on the countless livestreams I had while making this. :D

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scott mccall with a beard so stiles can be covered in beard burn



RIGHT? I MEAN, REALLY THOUGH Scott McCall who decides screw it he’s too busy saving people and trying not to die to bother shaving, shaving can wait, and after three days he’s got a pretty good all over scruff going and Stiles is shoving him into walls and sticking his hand down his pants and muttering into his mouth all fucking obscene, you… god you can’t just keep adding shit to the list of stuff that makes me wanna climb all over you, fucker.

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I want Scott to watch Star Wars in Season 4


or more accurately I want to see Stiles watching Scott watch Star Wars, smirking to himself every time Scott leans a little closer to the screen or takes a sharp breath with his hands clenching in his lap or looks like he wants to throw something.

I want Stiles pretty much giving up on watching it himself (he’s seen the whole box set enough times he can basically quote the scripts verbatim, okay, there’s way more entertainment in Scott’s reactions).

And yes I could go on about Scott identifying with Luke and his drive to be good and his whole rise to becoming a hero despite the odds and all the crap that gets thrown at him. I could talk about the way Scott looks over at Stiles at one point and says something like, “You know you’re Han, right?” And Stiles grinning, maybe blushing. Maybe getting a little turned on for reasons he can’t quite unravel just then.

But really I want Stiles to end up biting his lip and tapping his hand on his leg, winding tighter and tighter as Luke confronts Vader in Cloud City and…wait for it… wait for it… wow he’s pretty sure Scott’s not breathing—

He told me you killed him.

Here we go…

No, I am your father!


Stiles almost falls off his end of the couch, so caught up in waiting for the moment that Scott’s deafening yell takes him by surprise.

Meanwhile Scott’s up on his feet, a cushion dangling from one hand, eyes fixed on the screen and his mouth hanging open. He flails at the screen and then at Stiles with his mouth working, drops the cushion, flops back heavily onto the couch and grips his head in his hands.

"Dude, Ijust—What?!

He sounds like he’s gonna vibrate into atoms.

Stiles grins hurts his face. “Told you it was good, didn’t I, huh?”

So Luke gets his cool new hand and the score signals the end, and Scott’s quiet for a long minute, and he’s so—there’s just something - or a lot of something - about his face and his eyes and Stiles can’t look away. Which makes it hard to keep his breath when Scott suddenly looks at him like he’s just remembered where he is and that Stiles is there.

"You uh, you want me to put the next one on?" Stiles asks, floundering for something say. He needs Scott to look somewhere else, just for minute or two, so he can yank the shades down over whatever his expression’s showing.

"Yeah," Scott says, in a rush that’s all breath and emphasis, still wide-eyed and slack-mouthed, one of his lips shiny and bright red where he’s been chewing it.

Stiles trips on his way to the DVDs stacked up ready by the TV. Boners make navigation awkward.

Yeah, he may have shot himself in the foot with a blaster over this whole improve-Scotty’s-pop-culture-knowledge plan. But Scott’s mouth twitches into a smile when the opening crawl starts to the sound of trumpets, and Stiles regrets exactly nothing.




i’m just gonna expound on the boy band au i was thinking up earlier. where derek and scott and isaac and boyd and danny are members of a hip popular boyband. derek’s obvi the old brother. isaac’s the bad boy. danny is the shy one. boyd’s the cute one. and scott’s obvi the sweet one. they’re on the cover of tiger beat. u know, the whole 1d deal. 

chris and the argents are security. lydia’s band manager. etc, etc, everyone can fill in. 

stiles is scott’s best friend and kind of ends up touring with them. and he and scott act like him and scott. but he keeps getting photographed like he and scott are dating. which, yeah, is a little weird to them but manageable. but ofc the fans don’t think so. so there’s tinhatting and rpfing and stiles is always there during the bts footage and instagram shit, so like, people know him too. scott has to field questions of who he’s dating and the entire internet thinks there’s a skittles conspiracy with tptb keeping their relationship underwraps because they want the straight side of his open bisexuality to be seen 

until ya know there’s mutual pining and touches “he’s my best friend” verses “the entire internet thinks we’re dating and it wouldn’t be that bad” and “he’s my best friend he obviously doesn’t feel that way” and then scott and stiles are kissing in the tour bus on the way to st louis and stiles is like “how are we gonna break this to anyone” and scott’s like “shit” and then stiles’ face lights up and he grabs scott’s phone, takes a selfie of him kissing scott full on the mouth, writes “guess who’s bff just became his bf #skittles” and shows it to scott who rolls his eyes and hits post. 

lydia has some words for stiles after a stunt like that.

the entire internet collectively loses its shit. numerous girls try to see how much tongue they used in that picture. 

Scott/Stiles: Fake Boyfriends at the Jungle; Danny makes them prove it


Sneaking into the Jungle to look for Jackson is harder than it looks — especially when Danny actually catches them a couple minutes after they’ve snuck in. He steps right in their way, arms crossed, and he gives them the most disbelieving look Scott has ever seen on his face.

"What are you two doing here?" he asks, suspicious gaze shifting back and forth between Scott and Stiles. "This isn’t exactly your usual stomping ground."

Stiles makes a scoffing sound. “What? Psssh, what are you talking about, Danny? This is totally our stomping ground. Me and Scott, man — we come here all the time.” Stiles kicks Scott in the ankle. “Don’t we, baby?”

"Yeah." Scott shoots Stiles a dirty look. "All the time."

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fall out boy is still on hiatus in teen wolf land.

think about that for a minute.

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