1/14/13 (part 1) - Star Wars AU

“Don’t think for a second that this little team up implies trust.”

“Yeah, save the attitude for the bounty hunters, Hale.”

Padawan Genim gets separated from his master and runs into Darth Hale, once a Jedi he’d known.  Set upon by a pack of bounty hunters they agree to a temporary truce…

This isn’t exactly what the Anon was asking for? The first Star Wars AU concept I saw was Hydrae’s picture that is AMAZING followed by the incredible fic by 8611 You Wardens of the Sky. :D  WELL WORTH THE READ. Hope you like it Anon! :)


1/13/13 - TRON!Scott

Here you go Anon! Scott’s as a user!  I have thought this whole thing out story wise because that’s what happens when I have 50 minutes alone in a car.  

Stiles & Scott run their own small programming company. Derek Hale is an underground hacker that wants their help for some secret purpose…SHIT GOES DOWN. 

Scott meets Stiles’s program (a super ninja data gathering & recovery program) on the grid and they go off to rescue Scott’s program from the Argents! The Argents are the security program(s) that protect the grid.  Meanwhile Scott’s program has ACTUALLY been program’napped by deadly hacker Peter Hale DUN DUN DUUUUN.


Anyways, later I may do more shippy pics later. I am having a lot of fun with this. :D

Edit: OOOPS fixing all my 5am spelling & grammar errors??  Sorry!


1/12/13 - TRON!Stiles

Stiles as a program?  What program would he be??  I have no idea, something creative and game like maybe?  The werewolves are hacking programs. The Argents are security programs. Scott is a USER. The betas are…beta…testers GOD I DON’T KNOW PUNS

Anyways, have this! Thanks for the suggestion lavvyan!

Also a HUGE hug to all my Tron fandom pals, it was so fun to jump back into Tron for a bit. I will have to do more. :D

PS: Circuit touching guys, REMEMBER CIRCUIT TOUCHING? 8D