Star Trek (2009) Bechdel Test
Star Trek Into Darkness Bechdel Test
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Star Trek (2009) Budget
Star Trek Into Darkness Budget

Because I’ve been thinking about all of this a lot lately, and I decided I should probably channel that thought into something.

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Dorian's reaction to Fat Bill. 8D




"There is an animal on your desk," says Dorian.

Leonard has other things to worry about than a weirdly judgy android who had apparently known his great great great grandmother’s first cousin once removed, and who still remembered him, and fondly at that; Leonard can’t imagine being remembered fondly by anybody other than Jim and Jim would never admit it anyway. Jim feels that if he admits to being actually fond of someone in any other way than smacking their shoulder or ass as they go by and making passive aggressive comments about how they’ll never get away from him now, evil villain laugh, the universe will take them away.

Leonard’s working on it. Leonard had a depressing realization not three nights ago that the person who was most likely to be his ally in dragging Jim kicking and screaming into the bright daylight world of semi-normal human relationships was the actual Vulcan, and he hates everything right now.

Anyway: the judging android staring at his desk, and the orange tabby blob spreading over most of his paper work.

"Oh, that’s just Fat Bill," he says indifferently. "Who isn’t allowed on my desk,” he adds pointedly. Fat Bill flicks one ear at him, waits thirty seconds while Leonard shuffles papers, sits up and presents Dorian with a terrifying view of his nethers as he gives himself a few cursory licks, stands up to stretch out and then finally incidentally jumps off the desk with a heavy thump about two seconds before Leonard’s hand actually reaches the water bottle.

"It’s a cat," breathes Dorian, as if he’s never seen a cat before, or at least a cat like Fat Bill, which Leonard supposes is fair. They ran a DNA sequence on him once and the lab sent back a report that said "Let us never speak of this again" and refused to process any more DNA samples for a week. "Why is there a cat on a starship? Wait," he says, and his face lights up with the thin blue lines that mean his processors are working double speed, "I see more cat hair. Black. And dog hair. You have animals on the ship?"

Fat Bill gives Dorian the unimpressed squint that Jim sometimes also gives people, looks up at Leonard and meows. Then he rubs his head against Leonard as a special mark of favor, and, to Leonard’s mild surprise, pauses to rub his flank companionably against Dorian’s calf and transfer gold tabby fur to Dorian’s impeccable black trouser leg before wandering out to cause chaos and despair elsewhere.

"Huh," says Leonard.

Dorian says, “That is a sign of affection from a cat, is it not?”

"Mostly," says Leonard. "Well — sure. For a cat."

Dorian smiles, and for a such a small and quiet expression, it’s almost blinding.

Guys, Lazulisong wrote a little Bones & Dorian Star Trek/Almost Human crossover. LOOK!  Also FAT BILL one of my fav fictional cats! AND I TEARED UP A LITTLE BUT ANYWAYS.

can you draw ray of sunshine!jim kirk with grumpy!bones again but maybe it's jim just like... cheering bones up after a hard day or something and bones is trying and failing to hide how much he appreciates it i'm sorry i know you're probably super busy and i don't even know if you take requests i just loved that first drawing so much <3



this was going to be cute then i kept going and it became creepy


Universal constant: Kirk leans stage right in the chair when he’s being a dick. Apparently the gradient of the lean is proportionate to the level of dickishness.

I like to think that this is a tell the bridge crew starts to recognize—Kirk thinks he’s so smooth but he doesn’t realize  they can read him like he’s a Subaru due for a realignment.

"Careful today, guys; he’s practically planking across the armrests."

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